Weekend Brunch Menu

Mikey’s Traditional Breakfast

2 Eggs served with your choice of Blackforest Ham, Back Bacon, Bacon, Chorizo or Breakfast Sausage & Multigrain Toast

Mikey’s Omelette

3 Eggs with Sausage, Onion, Mushrooms, Red Peppers & Three Cheese Blend & Multigrain Toast

Create your own Omelette

3 Eggs with your choice of 3 fillings & multigrain toast. Fillings – Blackforest Ham, Back Bacon, Bacon, Chorizo, Breakfast Sausage, Onion, Tomato, Cilantro, Corn, Beans, Peppers, Jalapeno, Chipotle, Mushrooms & Cheese (Feta, Mozza, Blue, Goat or our Three Cheese blend)

BLT & Fried Egg Sandwich

Fried Egg, Smoked Bacon, Tomatoes, Green Leaf Lettuce & Chipotle Tartar Mayo on French Bread or Multigrain

La Poutine D’Oeuf

Fresh cut fries topped with 2 eggs (any style), Cheese curds & our signature gravy

El Burro

3 Scrambled Eggs with smoked bacon, sauteed peppers, onions, black beans, corn, jalapenos and our three cheese blend wrapped in a 12″ flour tortilla

Huevos Divorciados

2 Eggs sunny-side-up on corn tortillas separated with bacon, one in our charred tomato salsa, the other in our spicy tomatillo salsa, served with refried beans

Huevos Rancheros

2 Eggs sunny-side-up on soft corn tortillas, bathed in our famous charred chipotle tomato salsa, black beans, feta cheese & fresh cilantro, served with refried beans


2 Thick pan-fried corn tortilla, refried beans, poached eggs, chipotle & cheese salsa & pico de gallo

Eggs Benny or Florentines

2 Poached eggs on top of a toasted english muffin with your choice of blackforest ham, back bacon or spinach & a homemade white wine hollandaise sauce

Good Morning Burger

Homemade 7oz Beef Burger with Tomato, Green Leaf Lettuce, Pickles, Red Onions, Valentina Mayo & Topped with a fried egg.

6oz Steak & Eggs

Grilled AAA top sirloin with sauteed peppers & onions. 2 Eggs any style and multigrain toast.

All breakfasts above served with Homemade Shredded Hashbrowns and Fruit.

Chilaquiles (Good for a Hangover!)

2 eggs sunny-side-up, crispy corn tortilla chips in our charred tomato salsa or spicy tomatillo sauce, with sour cream, onions, feta & refried beans.